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Communication Skills- Grammar and Vocabulary




Online Communication Courses-Basic

All animals, communicate from the time of their birth, in one way or another, in order to fulfill their needs, to survive and to grow.

We have now evolved and developed multiple ways to communicate w.r.t scripts, language, gestures, mediums etc. The process of communication flows from a sender to a receiver and the measure of the effectiveness of communication is always, the receipt of the intended message that was delivered.

However, in the current era of global communication and networking, a common language to connect all corners of the world has become important. With this context in focus, developing our efficiency in English is pertinent spreading our reach.

The communication Basic module, goes back to the roots of the English language and focuses on learning its foundations. Most of the module explores the various components of English grammar and vocabulary.

Following are the sections that the module deals with:

1.  Fundamental rules of communication

  • Sentence
  • Clauses and its types
  • Phrase
  • Articles
  • Nouns and its types
  • Pronouns and its types
  • Verb and its types
  • Tenses
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs and its types
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions and conjunction pairs
  • Common communication errors
  • Communication process
  • Communication pyramid

Post assessment

Apart from grammar and vocabulary, the module provides context to certain basic concepts of communication such as trust, bias, how to say and how much to say, and when to say, amongst other things.

While learning grammar and vocabulary may seem basic, it sets the right background to dive deep in exploring and practicing other concepts of communication, which will be dealt with, in further modules.

This module also works as a really good revision of what we already know about communication but what we may not consciously practice.

The module, ends with a Post Assessment section for self to evaluate and assess progress based on learning that has been achieved.


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